The Blog

Notes of Ranvier is a blog about biology, neuroscience, and related sub-fields, focused more on explaining concepts and ideas both new and old to the field.  However, from time-to-time other things may strike my interest and I may write about them here, as well.  This blog is meant for all readers of all backgrounds, regardless of whether you haven't thought about science since high school, or have made it into your life's work.

Notes of Ranvier can also be accessed at labspaces.net, along with many other wonderful and interesting blogs about science and being a scientist.  You can also follow me on twitter.

The Author

I discovered my passion for science when I was taking anatomy and physiology as a senior in high school.  From there I majored in biology at Oberlin College, and graduated with high honors in May 2011.  I always admired how my professors' passion for science would captivate a room full of students whether they were talking about some of the most exciting new discoveries, or some of the most seemingly mundane concepts.  Now I hope to take a similar passion for science and teaching and bring it to a larger audience.  I'm looking to break into the field of science writing, and this blog is my first step towards that goal.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!